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In marketing a business, most large firms rely on the power of the mass media. Mass media in form of television, radio, newspaper and magazine are great tools to reach the minds of millions of people at the same time. Furthermore, it can promise any advertiser a large response because it has a wider scope.

Nonetheless, not every firm can afford to pay for 30 seconds of airtime on TV or even a full page ad on a glossy magazine. The good thing is marketing products and promotional materials exist to fulfill the needs of entrepreneurs when it comes to brand building. To be able to help you pick the appropriate marketing product and optimize your brand promotions here are the three of the most popular marketing items that you can utilize.

Promotional Pens and Writing Materials

These marketing products will not break the bank. You can order pens, pencils and other writing instrument in a large number to attain discounts. A pen is considered a universal gift and they can be spotted at most trade fairs, promotional occasions and product launches. It is a type of marketing product that can be handed in a wide range of demographics which makes it a great choice.

Promotional Apparel

This type of marketing material is very versatile. It is capable of reaching diverse markets segments. Promotional t-shirts can be sported in events like meetings, company outings, conventions and team building events.

Promotional Mugs and Drinkware

A mug is a nice marketing giveaway. It appeals to almost everyone. A logo imprinted coffee mug is a staple on most office desks and has an outstanding record of repeat exposures.

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